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Hello lovelies! We are so excited to introduce you to our very first blog! We can’t wait to talk to you here about all things fashion, beauty, brand development and more.

In our first introductory blog post, we wanted to tell you a little bit about what we do and who we are!

SONDER+FORM is an all women brand development studio of creative visionaries! Our goal is to help breathe new life into brands. We work with businesses on every aspect from strategy, photography, to website design, social media, brand development and more! We specialize in beauty, fashion and lifestyle.

SONDER+FORM was founded by our Creative Director, Emily Stencel. Emily is a brand strategist and developer, with previous experience owning her own successful skincare company. Emily is passionate about helping brands to SHED THEIR SKIN + SHARE THEIR STORY. She offers clients consulting services, oversees marketing, conducts advertising projects, creates and manages business functions and more!

Emily was inspired to own her own agency so that she could surround herself with other females creatives and build a super team to help businesses accomplish their goals! The meaning of SONDER is that everyone has a story to tell and form refers to how we will help you form it!

SONDER+FORM’s hub is located at 2-188 Locke St South, in Hamilton. We love being a part of such an amazing community of local businesses! We also just expanded to the land of the dreamers, Los Angeles! We are so excited to now offer our services in California!

For more information on what we can do for you, you can book a free discovery meeting with us! We look forward to connecting with you. Also, stay tuned for future blog posts! We will be discussing all things fashion, beauty and brand development tips!

With love,

The S+F Team!

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